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Top 27 Short Courses for 2023 in Nigeria

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Top 27 Short Courses for 2023 in Nigeria

If you’re looking to “upgrade” yourself, take a look at these short professional courses in Nigeria we’ve diligently assembled for you and learn where and how you may improve your talents quickly.

Short professional courses in Nigeria are crucial because they are practical and help prepare for the work. Upgrade your CV to improve your career prospects.

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What You Should Know About Nigerian Short Courses

Short courses are an excellent method to learn new skills or improve (or refresh) existing ones.
The course content is designed to include the theory behind the skill as well as the reasons why you need the skill. Courses are provided in a way that allows students to easily relate to the subject.

The course material also includes several examples of how to use the essential skills in a practical setting.

Nigerian administrative training courses

For individuals who aspire to be professionals in a variety of professions, including accounting, we can provide an opportunity for everyone who is eager to study. The key prerequisite is that you have a Bachelor’s degree, which does not have to be in Accounting.

Professional seminars can be quite beneficial for recent graduates who lack the necessary job experience required by the majority of organizations.

Professional training in Nigeria As it happens, Nigeria boasts a plethora of opportunities for anyone who wish to learn more about professional courses. We decided to focus on some of the more spectacular ones because we couldn’t mention them all. If you want to improve your administrative skills, have a look at this list of administrative training courses in Nigeria.

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As a result, we decided to write this helpful article to highlight the most effective short professional courses in Nigeria.

The following are the Top 27 Short Courses for 2023 in Nigeria

  • Chartered Institute of Personnel Management
  • chartered Institute of Marketing of Nigeria certification (CIM)
  • Certified Pension Institute of Nigeria certification (CPIN)
  • Center for regulation and business certificate
  • Business schooling assessments council certificate
  • Association of the nationwide accountant of Nigeria certificate (ANAN)
  • Nigeria Institute of real estate surveyors and values
  • Chartered Institute of Investors at Nigeria certificate (CIBNG)
  • Chartered Institute of tax of Nigeria certificate (CTIN)
  • Chartered Institute of Bankers
  • Association of general and private medical
  • practitioners of Nigeria certification (AGPMPN)
  • Oil and gasoline educated trained services limited
  • Financial risk management

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  • Health safety environment
  • Project management professionals (PMP)
  • Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM)
  • National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria (NIMN)
  • Institute of chartered accountant of Nigeria (ICAN)

Certification from the Chartered Institute of Marketing of Nigeria (CIM)

This is a professional advertising and marketing strategy for marketers and professionals in related fields such as mass and marketing communication professionals, general managers, chief executive officers, sales and advertising supervisors, customer care managers, relationship supervisors, media planners, channel programmers, creative supervisors, appreciate contractors and new builders, and so on.

Gain an advantage in your profession by becoming certified by this expert body; you can even obtain this expert certification outside of your industry provided you meet the basic requirements.

Certification from the Certified Pension Institute of Nigeria (CPIN)

The approved retirement institution of Nigeria is a National Institute responsible for the training and retraining of pension professionals in Nigeria.

The major reason for the formation of this organization was to bring together professional benefits administrators and other interested parties in order to foster discussion, education, and collaboration opportunities.

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You have a great chance of developing a functional relationship with the items you will encounter out there. Whatever your industry, you can enroll in their certification program and become qualified by this organization, thereby enhancing your CV.

Regulation and business certification center

People with a degree for law and a company certificate can become business managers, industry layers, and company leaders.

Before receiving this certification, one must have completed the short-term certification application, which exhibits the individual’s operating competence in business scenario, business legal proficiency, and mastery of business believing.

Certificate from the Business School Assessment Council

A certificate from this human body will not only expedite your employment but will also help you advance in your career. Business owners like to hire people who have this unique certification.

Private small business owners may also participate in their own training to obtain more experience within the organization.

Certificate from the Association of Nigerian National Accountants (ANAN)

This is a chartered expert accountant human anatomy in Nigeria that is legally entitled to teach and examine all of its own students. Every accountant and planning accountant should participate in this since it boosts your employability and advertising chances.

All HND and BSc graduates are eligible to apply for this qualification. It normally takes roughly 36 months to complete this training.

Nigeria Institute of Real Estate Valuers and Surveyors

The association was founded in 1969 by a group of capable general clinic chartered surveyors who had received their training in the United Kingdom.

The organization acquired official recognition in 1975, and since then, they’ve been training and certifying a wide range of surveyors and values.

As a graduate, you can participate in their own short-term timetable and become certified, increasing your work options.

Certificate from the Chartered Institute of Investors in Nigeria (CIBNG)

The company was founded in 1963, and after thirteen years of operating as a community center, the institution was subsequently enrolled as the magician of shareholders in 1976.

They believe they are responsible for certifying their player in a variety of apps, in addition to the CIBNG certification.

Certificate from the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria (CTIN)

That is simply another certification awarding body. Taxation experts can boost the value of their certificates by obtaining the CTIN certificate.

Nigerian Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAN)

Many financial institutions prefer to hire applicants with I can certification over those with merely a BSc or HND.

As a result, as a graduate, you can be certified by this human body after participating in their own short-term program.

Chartered Institute of Bankers (CIB)

Another expert organization for Catholics. Companies generally prefer certification holders over B.Sc holders because certification holders are better trained. As a result, you may do yourself a few favors by connecting with and becoming certified by this human body.

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Certification by the Nigerian Association of General and Private Medical Practitioners (AGPMPN)

This is undoubtedly an umbrella corporation for the majority of health care workers. Formed in 1921, the Nigerian institution of both private and general health professionals, such as dental and all health care health practitioners as workers or proprietors.

By obtaining the AGPMPN certification, you can take your healthcare career to the next level.

Limited oil and gasoline educated trained services

This is a local gas and oil organization that provides quality training to those interested in working in this industry.

You can acquire better training and become certified by this organization by participating in their training programs, offering you more work opportunities.

Management of financial risks

Are you a financial-related course graduate or planning to work for a financial institution? You may help yourself by obtaining this qualification, which will strengthen your CV and increase your chances of being hired.

Environment for health and safety

They claim that safety will come first, before anything else. Mostly recommended for environmental and engineering students and undergraduates, there is no firm on the world today that does not require a safety certification. So, why not enroll in this expert class today and set yourself apart from the competition in your area?

Project management experts (PMP)

This is yet another expert path that anyone, regardless of their field of endeavor, can pursue. It can take up to a year or more before you can find this through a licensed institution.

Certification from the Institute of Management Technology

This organization grants certification in direction to eligible males, most of whom are students in their own short-term direction classes.

It makes no difference what field you’re in as long as you meet the basic requirements. ND, HND, and B.Sc graduates are often qualified to participate in almost any of these direction classes, increasing your work prospects.

Certification in human resource management (HR)

The individual resource management class is specifically designed to provide participants a heartfelt grasp of the importance of good practice. What you will most likely be instructed on will be things that are related to actual life.

It is critical to achieve this as a result of a Homework or SSCE holder.

Certificate from the West African American School of Medicine

Since its inception in 1976, the human anatomy has gone on to create extraordinarily competent physicians by providing suitable training.

Those seeking their certificate may also participate in their own short-term training programs, whether undergraduate or graduate.

Cost Engineering Consultants that are Certified

This is an organization that helps people’s livelihoods all over the world. The AACE certification is an excellent way to distinguish yourself in the fee engineering sector.

People with HNDs and B.Scs often use this advantage to strengthen their CVs by enrolling in administrative training courses and becoming certified, giving them an advantage over others with the same qualifications.

Nigerian Association of National Accountants (ANAN)

Attending ANAN classes is another alternative for people interested in accounting. They were far longer than those made available by ICAN. Every student must attend the Nigerian College of Accountancy, Jos, in order to sit the ANAN examinations (5 PEA newspapers and 6 PEB papers).

Nigerian Chartered Institute of Taxation (CITN)

Since 1982, CITN has provided a Mandatory Professional Training Programme (MPTP) certificate to graduates, providing them with professional legitimacy in the tax business. If this is the field in which you wish to make a living, CITN may be the right business for you.

Certificate courses in Transport Pricing, Tax Declaration & Investigation, Tax Law, and Applied Taxation are available through CITN. Each of them lasts 12 weekends.

Estate Surveyors and Valuers Institute of Nigeria (NIESV)

If you are interested in analyzing and studying estates, you should consider NIESV accreditation. Registration will close on November 14,annually, and the tests will be place from November 20 to November 24,annually.

Business Education Exams Council (BEC) (BEEC)

If you own a business or are an entrepreneur, the BEEC classes will certainly be very useful to you. They are designed to meet the needs of the workers and executives.

BEEC classes are held in major Nigerian cities, so you should be able to find one near you.

Formal lectures by experienced consultants and high-level executives are common, as are industry titles, group discussions, syndicate work, and case studies.

Law and Business Centre (CLB)

CLB is a center for law studies, learning, teaching, and practice, as well as business and business-related issues. For those interested in learning more about business and law, it provides both professional and academic training programs.

You can learn more about the programs and their classes by visiting clb.com.ng or sending an email to [email protected].

Nigerian National Institute of Marketing (NIMN)

Marketing is a highly sought-after sector nowadays, however it is difficult to find work without suitable certification/education.

There is NIMN, which offers several classes, after which you can earn your certification or possibly a Post-Graduate Diploma in Marketing.

Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM)

CIPM offers a wide range of programs in the field of human management. You can find out what training possibilities are available for your needs by visiting cipmnigeria.org. They have a Learning and Development Calendar with several courses available for each couple.

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