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Poem: Tears in the Land of Rain

Can you see the sky change From light to darkness Can you see the lightning Charging before the thunder Like…

Creatives poems

Poem: Dreams and Fear

In a world of two with one dream Its like the sky and two stars with one bright light Our…

Creatives poems

Poem: Beautiful Eagle

Title: BEAUTIFUL EAGLE I've met someone Someday you know Who's as young as the rain And beautiful as the rising…

Creatives poems

My Teacher, My Guru

Everyone is born by their parents but teachers imparts the knowledge. Education isn't only gotten in the four walls of…

Creatives Education poems

Poem: Love You Till Eternity

Title: LOVE YOU TILL ETERNITY I am a broken man One whose heart is soft My hardened past is gone…

Creatives poems

Poem: Dear Maggie

Title: DEAR MAGGIE How could i forget our first meeting Walking in with a smile that speaks joy With a…

Creatives poems