Loughborough University Deans Award for Enterprise Scholarship in the UK for 2022/2023

The town of Loughborough, which is located in Leicestershire, England, is home to the public research university known as Loughborough University.

Although it has only been a university since 1966, its roots go all the way back to 1909, when it was first established as Loughborough Technical Institute with an emphasis on skills that could be directly applied in the wider world.

The university announced in March 2013 that it had acquired a second campus by purchasing the former broadcast center that was located in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Prior to the group’s dissolution in November 2013, it was a member of the 1994 Group, which was comprised of smaller research universities.

The annual income of Loughborough University for the fiscal year 2020–2021 was £308.9 million, with research grants and contracts accounting for $35.5 million of that total. The university is ranked first in its area and places in the top seven of every university league table for the United Kingdom.

The university, on the other hand, was honored with the title of University of the Year by The Times in 2019. The WhatUni Student Choice Awards bestowed their prestigious University of the Year title upon Loughborough University in the year 2020. (WUSCAs).

In addition, this verdict was arrived at after considering the opinions of over 41,000 students attending more than 150 different colleges and universities. When a Technical Institute was founded in the middle of Loughborough in 1909, this event is considered to be the beginning of Loughborough University.

In addition, after this period of explosive growth, the institution was rechristened Loughborough College and work on the current campus began. During this time, the campus as we know it today was also under construction.

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In the beginning, there was an emphasis placed on creating an atmosphere similar to that of an Ox bridge college (for example, students attended lectures wearing gowns), while also ensuring that there was a significant focus on the application of what they were learning in the classroom.

In addition to this, it was used as a “instructional factory” during World War I, which meant that it trained people to work in the munitions industry.

Worth of the Scholarship

The Deans Award for Enterprise Scholarship is intended to provide applicants with an entrepreneurial mindset with the opportunity to develop an original business idea in exchange for a tuition fee scholarship worth ninety percent of the total amount.

Eligibility for Deans Award for Enterprise Scholarship

In order to be eligible to submit an application for the Deans Award for Enterprise Scholarship, you need to be an applicant to a postgraduate program at Loughborough University London and have either a conditional or an unconditional offer to study a master’s degree program at Loughborough University London full-time.

How to Apply for the Deans Award for Enterprise Scholarship

The panel wants candidates who are ambitious and have new ideas. It welcomes applications from people who want to make a difference in the world.

The applicants should show that they fully understand how much it costs to go to graduate school and explain why they want to study in your program. You should also show that you are self-motivated enough to find the money to cover the rest of the tuition fee and other costs. Those who are still in the running will be asked to do a short video interview.

The Deans Award for Enterprise Scholarship will take the place of any other scholarships or bursaries that the winners may have already received from Loughborough University. It is only available to offer holders at Loughborough University London.

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Application Deadline: July 31, 2022

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