Jamb Subject Combination to Study Business Administration


Business Administration is a highly sought-after field of study that equips individuals with the knowledge and skills to excel in the dynamic world of business.

For aspiring students looking to pursue a degree in this discipline in Nigerian universities, it is crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of the JAMB subject combination for Business Administration.

This combination forms the foundation upon which their academic journey in the field will be built, guiding them towards a successful and rewarding career in various sectors of the business world.

In this article, we will explore the recommended JAMB subject combination for Business Administration, shedding light on the core subjects that prospective students should focus on to gain admission into their preferred institutions and embark on a journey of business excellence.

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 About Business Administration

Business Administration is a multifaceted academic discipline that encompasses the management and operation of organizations, both profit-driven and non-profit.

It involves the planning, organizing, directing, and controlling of various business activities to achieve organizational goals and objectives.

As a critical aspect of the broader field of management, Business Administration delves into various key areas such as finance, marketing, human resources, operations, strategy, and entrepreneurship.

Through comprehensive coursework, students are equipped with a diverse skill set, including leadership, problem-solving, decision-making, communication, and critical thinking, preparing them to take on diverse roles within the business world.


Graduates with a degree in Business Administration can pursue careers in corporations, government agencies, non-profit organizations, or even venture into entrepreneurship, making it a highly versatile and sought-after field of study in today’s globalized economy.

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What exactly is Jamb?

For those who are a little lost, JAMB is the body that conducts entrance examinations for tertiary-level institutions in Nigeria.

Every year, millions of students take the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME), overseen by JAMB, in their bid to secure admission into universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education.

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Why is the JAMB Subject Combination to Study Business Administration Important?

The JAMB subject combination for Business Administration is essential for gaining admission to Nigerian universities.

It serves as an admission requirement and assesses the academic readiness and alignment of prospective students with the field of business.

By focusing on the recommended subjects, applicants can enhance their chances of admission, prepare better for exams, and build a strong foundation for a successful business career.

Ultimately, it helps universities maintain a competent and balanced student population in their Business Administration programs.

Understanding the Jamb Subject Combination to Study Business Administration

In the JAMB UTME, Business Administration students are required to take the following core subjects:  English Language (compulsory for all courses), Mathematics, Economics, and Any one of Government, Accounting, Commerce, Geography.

General Requirements to Study Business Administration

To study Business Administration, you must take four (4) JAMB subjects: English Language (compulsory for all courses), Mathematics, Economics, and Any one of Government, Accounting, Commerce, Geography, as well as have at least credits (C6) in your five (5) O’Level core courses: English Language (This is compulsory for all courses), Mathematics, Economics and two or three related subjects, which can include: Commerce, Government, Accounting, Geography, Business Studies. 

1. JAMB Score to Study Business Administration

The JAMB (Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board) score required to study Business Administration in Nigerian universities can vary from one institution to another and from year to year.

To increase your chances of gaining admission to study Business Administration, it’s advisable to aim for a JAMB score that is higher than the minimum cutoff mark specified by the university you wish to attend.

2. Post-UTME: The Second Hurdle

Scores on the Post-UTME (Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination) are becoming more and more important for students who want to get into universities in Nigeria.

The original JAMB (Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board) scores are an important part of the admissions process, but this test is just as important.

A good Post-UTME score is important because it helps applicants stand out from each other.

It lets universities choose the best applicants from the many who apply, making sure that those who are accepted have shown that they know more about the subjects connected to their chosen field of study.

A good Post UTME score also shows that a student is ready for the academic challenges of university and is dedicated to doing their best.

As competition for limited college spots gets tougher, students need to do well in the Post UTME if they want to stand out and make sure they get into college.

This is a key step in their academic journey.

FAQs on Jamb Subject Combination to Study Business Administration

[accordions title=”Jamb Subject Combination ton study Business Administration”] [accordion title=”1. What are the required JAMB subjects for Business Administration?” load=”show”]The required JAMB subjects for Business Administration typically include English Language, Mathematics, Economics, and one other subject, which could be Commerce, Government, Accounting, or Geography.[/accordion] [accordion title=”2. Is English Language compulsory for Business Administration in JAMB?” load=”hide”]Yes, English Language is compulsory for all JAMB courses, including Business Administration.[/accordion] [accordion title=”3. Can I substitute any of the recommended subjects with another one?” load=”hide”]It depends on the specific university’s admission requirements. Some universities may accept certain subject substitutions, but it’s essential to check with the university you’re interested in for their specific policies.[/accordion] [accordion title=”4. Do universities have different subject requirements for Business Administration?” load=”hide”]Yes, universities may have slight variations in their subject requirements for Business Administration. It’s crucial to check the admission requirements of the specific university you plan to apply to.[/accordion] [accordion title=”5. Can I use a combination of WAEC and NECO results for the O’Level requirements?” load=”hide”]Many universities accept a combination of WAEC and NECO results to meet the O’Level requirements, but it’s advisable to confirm this with the university’s admission office.[/accordion] [accordion title=”6. What is the minimum JAMB score required to study Business Administration?” load=”hide”]The minimum JAMB score required for Business Administration can vary from one university to another and from year to year. It’s advisable to aim for a score higher than the university’s specified cutoff to increase your chances of admission.[/accordion] [accordion title=”7. Can I study Business Administration with a science-related JAMB subject combination?” load=”hide”]Generally, it’s more suitable to have a JAMB subject combination aligned with Business-related subjects. However, some universities may allow candidates with science-related combinations, but it’s best to verify this with the specific institution.[/accordion] [accordion title=”8. What should I do if I didn’t meet the JAMB cutoff for Business Administration at my preferred university?” load=”hide”]If you don’t meet the cutoff at your preferred university, you can consider applying to other universities with lower cutoff marks or explore other related courses that align with your interests and JAMB score.[/accordion] [accordion title=”9. Are there any additional requirements besides JAMB and O’Level results for Business Administration admission?” load=”hide”]Some universities may have additional requirements, such as post-UTME examinations, interviews, or specific grade point averages in O’Level subjects. Check the admission guidelines of your chosen institution for these details.[/accordion] [accordion title=”10. Can I change my JAMB subject combination after registration?” load=”hide”]JAMB subject combinations are typically fixed after registration. It’s crucial to carefully select your subjects during the registration process to align with your intended course of study.[/accordion] [accordion title=”11. When should I start preparing for my JAMB and Post-UTME exams for Business Administration?” load=”hide”]It’s advisable to start your preparations early, preferably months before the exams, to allow ample time for thorough study and practice, increasing your chances of success in both JAMB and Post-UTME examinations.[/accordion] [/accordions]

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the JAMB subject combination for Business Administration serves as the initial gateway for aspiring students to enter the dynamic world of business studies in Nigerian universities.

It not only ensures that candidates are adequately prepared for the academic rigors of the program but also aligns their foundational knowledge with the core principles of business.

This carefully curated combination of subjects is a testament to the importance of building a solid academic foundation in the field, setting students on the path to success in their future careers.

As students embark on their educational journey in Business Administration, they should heed the guidance of the JAMB subject combination, which, like a compass, points them in the right direction toward a future of business excellence and innovation.


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