Internship in Trading with SIG in Sydney, Australia, 2022

The Quantitative Trading Internship at SIG provides a one-of-a-kind learning experience for anyone interested in quantitative trading. Our interns will get the opportunity to gain experience in how our traders employ decision science, game theory, and technology to make trading decisions while they are working out of our Sydney office. Our education program includes classroom instruction as well as training at a “trading desk,” which gives interns a comprehensive understanding of trading so that they may determine whether or not this is the line of work they wish to follow as a career.

Brief Description:

  • Host: Australia
  • Location: Sydney
  • Offered Subjects: Quantitative trading
  • Eligible nationality: International
  • Type: Internship

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Internship Eligibility:

What it is that we are searching for:

  • People who are good at finding solutions to difficult problems: You enjoy the challenge of working through complex riddles, and it gives you a rush when you finally crack one.
  • Numerical and Logical: When it comes to making decisions, you utilize rational thinking that is both clear and sound. You have a logical mind and enjoy coming up with solutions to problems by using numbers and other empirical evidence.
  • Communicators: You take pleasure in developing relationships with the people with whom you collaborate closely. You take pleasure in conversing with other people, letting them know what you’re thinking, and hearing what they have to say.
  • Interested: You are energized by the prospect of a career in Trading. There is no requirement that you have prior knowledge of finance; we will instruct you on everything that is necessary.
  • Penultimate Year Student: Have a confirmed plan to graduate by December 2023 from an Australian or New Zealand university with a STEM or other quantitative degree, and have a distinction average WAM.

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How To Apply: 

The Patterns to Apply are given below:

Interview Process Apply -> Maths Assessment -> Recruiter Interview -> Trader Interview -> Final Interview -> Job offer!

What interns can anticipate:
  • Class lectures on option theory and option modeling for students to attend.
  • Determination of the best course of action by utilizing game theory, decision science, poker, and other similar strategy games. What you’ve been told is absolutely correct!
  • Mock Trading, which allows you to put everything you’ve learned into practice.
  • Real impact — SIG interns collaborate closely with our traders on a real-world initiative that has an immediate and direct effect on our trading operation.

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