Internship for a software engineer at HelloFresh in Australia in 2022

By providing our clients with high-quality food and recipes that are appropriate for a variety of meal times, we at HelloFresh hope to permanently alter the way that people eat. Over the course of the past decade, we have witnessed our purpose expand beyond our greatest imaginations and across the entire globe. Today, we are a global food solutions organization as well as the most successful meal kit company in the world. Our operations span three continents and sixteen nations. So, how did we do it? Our network of consumers who are looking for tasty, healthy, and environmentally friendly solutions has grown thanks to our weekly boxes that are packed with exciting recipes and fresh ingredients.

Brief Description:

  • Host: Australia 
  • Location: HelloFresh
  • Offered Subjects:  software engineer
  • Eligible nationality: International
  • Type: Internship

Internship Benefits:

You will be a member of a multi-departmental team as a Software Engineer, contributing to the development of new product features and services for our Supply Chain Management (SCM) platform. You will take over the responsibility for the development and operation of the micro-services and user interfaces that were established and are maintained by your team and which serve an international audience. You will be a member of the worldwide SCM Tech alliance and have your headquarters in Sydney.

First and foremost, we are searching for individuals that will contribute to the overall improvement of HelloFresh. We are of the opinion that there are a variety of approaches to learning new talents, and we adore engaging in various situations. If you believe that you could be successful in this capacity despite not “ticking all the boxes” for it, we would be very interested in learning more about you.

In addition to our flagship brand, HelloFresh, the HelloFresh Group now consists of the following companies: GreenChef, EveryPlate, Chef’s Plate, Factor, and Youfoodz.

What you will receive as a result is…

  • Potential for advancement within a significant global engineering firm with more than 400 employees in the field
  • Possibilities to transition laterally from one technological center to another
  • Considerable savings on our meal kits, with a discount of seventy percent starting with your first day
  • HelloFresh Academies, which offer monthly opportunities for in-house training and development
  • Ongoing training, which may involve participation in outside classes
  • Sabbatical policy
  • Workplaces that offer a variety of flexible options
  • A multicultural and dynamic international setting, with offices located in 15 different countries
  • The opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to one of the technological organizations that is expanding at the quickest rate while it is in an exciting growth phase

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Internship Eligibility:

You will…

  • A product owner, four to five software engineers, and a quality automation engineer are the typical members of work in a cross-functional team.
  • In order to create incremental and ongoing business value, you should make use of agile techniques, DevOps approaches, and continuous delivery procedures.
  • Create new product features that are supported by scalable technical solution designs and that, from the very beginning, are geared toward catering to an international audience.
  • Serve as a coach and mentor to other members of the team through the use of katas, technical spikes, workshops, pair programming, and code reviews.
  • Make sure that you are always getting better at what you do by making use of a variety of software engineering best practices and continuous improvement approaches.
  • Work in conjunction with other engineers from your tribe and the organization as a whole to ensure that the design of our codebase, systems, and processes is continually improved.

You have…

  • A demonstrable passion for software engineering, as evidenced by previous employment experience, internships, projects, or publications in the field.
  • A comprehensive understanding of the principles of computer science, as well as data structures and object-oriented programming (OOP).
  • A working knowledge of the whole cycle of the software development process, including testing and continuous integration.
  • Extensive hands-on experience with programming languages such as Python, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, as well as familiarity with database systems (MySQL or Postgresql).
  • It is extremely ideal if you have any prior expertise with developing APIs, single-page applications (SPA), Amazon Web Services (AWS), or containers (Docker).

You are…

  • Positive and can-do attitude
  • Resourceful at finding solutions to issues
  • Fixated on assisting other individuals in need
  • A member of the team who lives and breathes with the group
  • A willingness to learn about various aspects of the retail industry, such as food, recipes, logistics, customer service, and warehousing.

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How To Apply:

NOTE: Location: Chippendale Head Office; however, some work is being done from home at this time

Internship will be for a period of six months and will be performed on a full-time basis (Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm). You are required to have the legal authorization to work in Australia throughout the entirety of the contract.

Beginning Date: Right Away More Information Regarding HelloFresh

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