Complete Guide on How to Become an Event Planner

Event Planner have a dynamic and exciting profession that combines creativity, organization, and meticulous attention to detail.

Event planners are the masterminds behind memorable and successful gatherings, ranging from corporate conferences and weddings to music festivals and charity fundraisers.

If you have a passion for bringing ideas to life, managing logistics, and creating unforgettable experiences, a career as an event planner might be the perfect fit for you.

We will explore the essential skills, educational requirements, and practical steps necessary to embark on this rewarding career path.

From understanding client needs and developing event concepts to executing flawless logistics and managing budgets, we will cover all aspects of the event planning process.

Throughout this guide, we will delve into the intricacies of event management, examining the various types of events and their unique requirements.

Whether you dream of organizing large-scale conferences, intimate weddings, or high-profile galas, we will provide you with the knowledge and tools to succeed in any event planning endeavor.

From event registration platforms and mobile apps to virtual and hybrid event solutions, we will discuss the digital tools and strategies that enhance event experiences and streamline planning processes.

While creativity is at the core of event planning, a successful event planner must also possess strong organizational skills, effective communication abilities, and keen problem-solving capabilities.

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What is Event Planning?

Event planning can simply be defined as the process of organizing and carrying out an event.

Event planning was not previously prescribed as a business or occupation, but throughout the years, the enormous work that has sprouted up due to client desires has caused it to blossom.

This, in turn, has created opportunities for exceptional persons with an eye for creating attractive designs, whether through art or décor.

According to analysts, over the last six years, an estimated 10,000 event planning businesses have opened up, employing over 25,000 people.

Yet, if you’re still thinking about how to become an event planner, we’d want to let you know that the opportunity to become quite large exists.

What Are the Advantages of Working as an Event Planner?

You can make millions as an event planner in a week. When well organized, you may host activities all week at various places and keep smiling to the bank.

The job’s flexibility allows you to make your own timetables so that you may attend to vital concerns.

As you are aware, meeting more people and traveling to new places means enhanced connections, adaptability, versatility, and people skills.

Formal education is not required to work as an event planner.

You may quickly understudy, attend event planning classes, and begin executing your own contracts.

How Can I Get Started as an Event Planner?

If you decide to enter the field of event organizing, you should prepare yourself for a mammoth effort with its own benefits.

There is no quick way out, but you may either work under an expert event planner and master the skill of the job, or you can attend an university and get trained.

To be honest, both solutions offer pros and cons, but they will be mostly determined by your pursuit, mental, and financial preparation.

The hard labor and perseverance required to faithfully complete undesired duties, or the patience required to study for nearly four years, always tip the scale.

Whichever path you take, the decision is entirely yours.

Let’s take a look at some of the incredible venues where you may study event planning.

Schools to Study Event Planning

The internet has gotten so powerful that when you search “how to become an event planner,” a plethora of search results with useful information appear. This is commendable, yet it is insufficient.

Nothing is more important than systematic learning, which may be obtained in an institution.

As a result, if you want to study event planning, there are several colleges that offer the subject.

But, the schools we’re about to present to you have been described as the best based on enrolment numbers.

These institutions include;

  • University of Central Florida
  • American Public University
  • University of Massachusets
  • Indiana University
  • Sinclair Community College
  • Northampton Community College
  • Cincinnati State Technical and Community College

University of Central Florida

  • In-state tuition is $212.28 per credit hour.
  • Out of state students pay $748.89 per credit hour.

This college offers a bachelor’s degree in event management, as well as disciplines such as Tourism, Events, and Attraction.

There are no entry criteria for this program, but the degree requirements demand a minimum of 2.0 overall CGP in coursework and a 2.0 or better in each course specified in the program prerequisites.

American Public University

Location: West Virginia

Tuition is $285 per credit hour.

Meeting and Event Planning is the program name at this institution.

The credential is obtained online and is intended for undergraduate students who have no prior experience in event planning.

Meeting & Convention Planning, Convention Sales and Service, and Business and Conference Hotel Management are among the courses available.

The program’s goals are as follows:

  • Use the stages involved in meeting and special event planning.
  • Assess the administration and logistics of a specific event scenario.
  • Discuss the environmental considerations associated with event management.
  • Assess client cultural variables that influence meeting and event planning.
  • Amherst, Massachusetts is the location.
  • In-state tuition is $425 per credit hour.
  • Out-of-state students pay $1275 per credit hour.
  • This online undergraduate certificate program exposes you to studying details while keeping the big picture in mind.
  • It is intended to assist students in selecting acceptable deadlines, planning publicity prior to an event, and teaching top-notch contract negotiation.

The certificate is only awarded after completing five of the numerous courses available, and you may learn more about the program by clicking the button below.

University of Massachusets

  • Location: Amherst, Massachusetts
  • In-state tuition is $425 per credit hour.
  • Out-of-state students pay $1275 per credit hour.

This online undergraduate certificate program exposes you to studying details while keeping the big picture in mind.

It is intended to assist students in selecting acceptable deadlines, planning publicity prior to an event, and teaching top-notch contract negotiation.

Indiana University

  • Location: Bloomington, Indiana
  • In-state tuition is $286.01 per credit hour.
  • Out-of-state students pay $986.31 per credit hour.

This online undergraduate certificate program allows you to choose courses related to a variety of event management vocations.

Take courses in convention and meeting management, meeting planning logistics, international meeting planning, and so on.

To obtain the Undergraduate certificate, you must complete 19 credit hours, which are divided among nine electives, nine event management courses, and one event management internship.

Sinclair Community College

  • Location: 444 W Third St, Dayton, OH 45402, United States
  • In-state tuition is $116.03 per credit hour.
  • Out-of-state tuition is $299.40 per credit hour.

This program trains students for entry-level roles in resorts, convention centers, and visitor centers.

The program is designed to help participants;

  • Show your ability to apply customer service concepts in meeting and event operations.
  • Employ technology to improve meeting and event operations’ operational efficiency and productivity.
  • Show adequate professional written and oral communication skills, as well as proper dress and grooming standards.
  • Show your capacity to operate effectively as a team member while also carrying out meeting and event responsibilities in an ethical manner.
  • For organizing meetings and events, make judgments based on combining knowledge from many functional areas.

Northampton Community College

  • Location: 3835 Green Pond Rd, Bethlehem, PA 18020, United States
  • In-state tuition is $8,970.
  • Out of state students pay $13,250 per credit hour.

The following associate degrees are all offered:

  • Hospitality management
  • restaurant management
  • meeting and event planning

These programs are also available at the University of Bethlehem and Monroe campuses.

Cincinnati State Technical and Community College

  • Location: 3520 Central Parkway, Cincinnati, OH 45223, United States
  • In-state tuition is $163.64 per credit hour.
  • Out-of-state students pay $322.28 per credit hour.

This institution’s Hospitality Management Program teaches students the fundamentals of accommodation operations, event management abilities, and hospitality management.

All program graduates receive an Associate of Applied Business degree and are placed in various hospitality locations.

Management courses are delivered online to give students who desire to earn their degree more freedom.

By clicking the button below, you can learn more about the program’s curriculum and begin your application.

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Enhancing Your Career as An Event Planner

As you are aware, this is a developing business; competition for the few available positions is fierce, and you may wish to stand out.

To be renowned, popular, and respected, you must understand a few hacks for becoming a great event planner.

Some of the ways you can scale up would be;

  • Communication that is exceptionally clear and uncomplicated
  • The skill of communicating is crucial.
  • People will sit for hours listening to talks.
  • You must learn to talk professionally and precisely, especially in the interests of your client.
  • Furthermore, your phrases must be able to convey your competence and dependability.
  • You should enroll in public speaking and communication classes.
  • Correct Organization
  • A lack of organization is the destroyer of a brilliant strategy in all circumstances.
  • Make sure you thread meticulously and leave room for mistakes.
  • Get the required organizational tools to help you plan effectively while performing periodic checks.
  •  present in a regal style.

Internet Visibility

Several event planners have neglected this aspect of their businesses.

Studies discovered that more than 80% of people who wish to arrange events conduct internet research on specific event packages.

If you want to be an amazing event planner, you must have an internet presence where you can be easily found and not rely on referrals.


Because of the variety of styles available now, clients often struggle to decide what to do, which can lead to issues.

You must design a system that is easily adaptable to varied preferences. This, in turn, will lessen the impact of last-minute adjustments on you and your team.

Creativity and dependability

Your inventiveness must be exceptional.

You must be able to compliment various styles and designs.
Contact more experienced event planners to uncover the mental patterns that have led to their success.

Furthermore, be certain that you always keep your promises and arrive on time. Integrity is essential for a great event planner.

Many of the characteristics stated above can help you scale your firm, but you must also utilize relationships.

As an event designer, you must cultivate relationships with the proper people in order to scale your business.


The path to becoming an event planner is filled with opportunities for growth and success.

By following the guidelines presented in this guide, you can lay a solid foundation for your career, embrace the endless possibilities of the industry, and make your mark as a remarkable event planner.

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