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Explore answers to commonly asked questions.

If you’re a freelancer with queries, click here for dedicated support.

How does WORK FROM HOME help employers?

At WORK FROM HOME, we offer a secure and user-friendly space for employers globally. Whether you have a short-term task or a prolonged project, connect with our skilled and experienced freelancers by sending us your requirements through a quote.

Why does your company need to hire a freelance candidate?

Choosing a leading freelancer gives you access to high-level expertise without the high costs. These skilled individuals can seamlessly integrate into your workflow, tackle both short-term tasks and extensive projects, and offer flexibility, swift results, and minimized expenses.

What skills do you need to look for in a freelancer?

A freelancer often brings specialized expertise, helping bridge any skills gap within your organization. When searching for the perfect freelance fit for your business, prioritize those with strong qualifications and a proven track record in the specific sector you're targeting.

How to Write a Job description for the freelance Job?

An effective job description is crucial to attract the right freelancer talent. Ensure that the description offers a clear overview of the role or project, encompasses a thorough breakdown of tasks and expectations, and outlines both the essential and desired skills for the role.

What fees will I pay?

You can request a quote at no charge on WORK FROM HOME. For detailed information on project-associated fees, kindly visit our Fees & Charges page.

How do I hire a Freelancer for my project?

Requesting a quote won't cost you a dime, and you'll hear back from us within 24-48 hours. To find and choose the right freelancers, simply browse our Freelancer Directory page. Ready to get started? Click on Hire Me, fill out a brief form, and propose your project to them. Remember, you can always re-hire freelancers who have delivered great results for you in the past.

Why is my project rejected?

At Work From Home, we prioritize the integrity and reputation of our platform. As such, we strictly prohibit projects that might negatively affect our business operations or tarnish our standing. Any fees associated with such projects will not be refunded under any circumstances.

How do I rate and write a review for a Freelancer?

Once a project is successfully finalized and the freelancer has received the full payment of their agreed bid via WORK FROM HOME, the feedback mechanism for that specific project will be activated. As soon as you indicate that your project is complete, you'll be promptly directed to the feedback form.


Simple Just visit the contact us page and send an email, we will answer your questions within 1-2 working days.

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