8 Best Adobe Premiere Pro Classes [AUGUST 2023]


Adobe Premiere Pro classes offer an immersive exploration into the realm of video editing and post-production, equipping individuals with the skills and techniques necessary to create professional-quality videos.

As a leading software in the field of video editing, Adobe Premiere Pro provides a comprehensive platform for editing, color correction, audio enhancement, and visual effects.

These classes cater to beginners and experienced editors alike, guiding participants through the software’s functionalities, workflow optimization, and creative editing strategies.

Through hands-on tutorials, real-world projects, and the exploration of advanced features, Adobe Premiere Pro classes empower individuals to transform raw footage into compelling visual stories that captivate audiences across various platforms.

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Best Adobe Premiere Pro Classes

This list of the best Adobe Premiere Pro tutorials, courses, training programs, classes, and certifications for 202 was compiled by professionals from all across the world after much research was conducted.It offers both paid and unpaid educational tools that may be accessed online in order to assist you in mastering Premiere Pro. It is appropriate for those who are just starting out, those who are more advanced, and even experts.

  1. Top Adobe Premiere Courses (Udemy)
  2. Premiere Pro CC Tutorial for Beginners: Video Editing in Premiere (Udemy)
  3. Adobe Premiere Pro CC Course: Learn Video Editing In Premiere Pro (Udemy)
  4. Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Fast Track to Video Editing (Udemy)
  5. Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Greenscreen, Captions, Proxies & More (Udemy)
  6. Premiere Pro Tutorial & Classes Online (Skillshare)
  7. Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro – Free Course (Skillshare)
  8. Premiere Pro CC Classes – Free (LinkedIn Learning)

1. Top Adobe Premiere Courses (Udemy)

Lessons in Adobe Premiere cover a variety of topics, such as beginning-to-end video editing and the import of various types of media. Become familiar with the process of creating personalized sequence presets for a variety of resolutions.

Be familiar with the process of adding unique video effects as well as exporting videos. Get familiar with Premiere Pro’s color correction and grading tools, as well as its workspace customization options.

Students who are dissatisfied with the material covered in the paid courses can request a refund of their payment and get it within 30 days of making the request.

The programs have many levels, such as beginner, intermediate, and expert, for users to progress through.


  1. The subtitles of the courses are offered in a variety of languages, including Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese, amongst others.
  2. After successfully completing all of the required coursework, students will earn a certificate.
  3. Participants will receive unrestricted access to the course materials for the duration of their participation in the programs.
  4. Before enrolling in a course, students have the option to see a demo video.
  5. The programs can be viewed on a screen size appropriate for either a mobile phone or a television.
  6. Students can assess their knowledge of the material covered in the courses through the use of quizzes and practice exams.
  7. The use of tools like course workbooks will be beneficial to the students.
  8. Gain an understanding of the technical aspects of color correction and grading.

Duration: At own pace

Rating: 4.6 of 5

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2. Premiere Pro CC Tutorial for Beginners: Video Editing in Premiere (Udemy)

Phil Ebiner is a maestro when it comes to teaching online, and he has so far instructed over 500,000 professionals all over the world through his multiple courses that are available on Udemy and other e-learning platforms.

He is a pioneer in the field of online education. This particular class is extremely popular and well regarded; it has been taken by more than 65,000 students and has received thousands of five-star evaluations from those who have attended it.

The training is now offered with subtitles in English, Portuguese, and Spanish, and it is continuously updated depending on the comments and suggestions made by participants.


Allow me to walk you through the specifics of what this training has in store for you.


  1. Phil will walk you through the process of video editing using Adobe Premiere Pro in great detail.
  2. You will be responsible for editing your very own mini-documentary as part of the curriculum. In the event that you require it, footage will also be made available to you.
  3. You will learn how to give your titles, photographs, and videos an element of motion, which will make them more aesthetically attractive.
  4. You will be instructed on how to edit footage shot with a green screen and how to add backdrops that truly look beautiful.
  5. Contains an on-demand video course lasting eight hours, as well as five articles and fourteen more resources.

Rating: 4.7 of 5

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3. Adobe Premiere Pro CC Course: Learn Video Editing In Premiere Pro (Udemy)

The Life Progression Project is responsible for developing this course.

This organization has educated more than 100,000 students and focuses on producing high-quality learning experiences to assist attendees in reaching their goals, which may include starting a new job, gaining more knowledge, or increasing their income, among other things.

They will teach you all there is to know about Adobe Premiere Pro CC video editing for beginners in this tutorial.

They will begin by teaching you how to edit footage and audio, then move on to teaching you how to produce titles, and finally teach you helpful keyboard shortcuts that will make your editing go faster.


Gain an in-depth understanding of the video editing process by following it step by step from beginning to end.

Acquire the skills necessary to work with audio and make adjustments to the volume levels at specified periods

Acquire a fundamental understanding of color grading and correction.

Included in this package are three hours of on-demand video lectures, three separate articles, and three supplemental resources.

After finishing a course on Udemy, you will receive a certificate.

Rating : 4.7 of 5

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4. Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Fast Track to Video Editing (Udemy)

Video Editing, Animation, Motion Graphics, and Visual Effects are all subjects that strongly interest Louay Zambarakji, and he enjoys sharing his knowledge of these fields with students from all over the world.

Believe it or not, he began animating in 1983 and has continued to do so ever since, beginning with black-and-white and moving on to green screens and, most recently, creating 3D videos with just the click of a mouse.

Using Adobe Premiere Pro CC, he will walk you through the fundamentals of video editing during this course.


  1. In real time, you will be putting together a demo reel that can be anywhere from one to four and a half minutes long.Figure out how to make use of the appropriate instruments and strategies at the appropriate times.
  2. Acquire knowledge of the complete process of color correction, including the use of lumetri scopes and color panels.
  3. Figure out how to use color grading to produce a variety of distinct ambiances and sensations in your videos.
  4. Included in the package are 13 articles and 15 supplemental resources in addition to 10 hours of on-demand video.

Rating : 4.8 of 5

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5. Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Greenscreen, Captions, Proxies & More (Udemy)

Currently Not Accepting Enrollments

You will learn everything there is to know about green screen, proxies, captions, reducing audio hiss, Lumetri, tracking, and more by following the steps in this lesson provided by Life Progression Project.

You will learn to work with green screen film, produce closed captions, and learn how to remove background hum and noise from audio.

The instructor will also teach you how to work with media cache files and record voiceovers directly within Premiere Pro, both of which will help you become more organized and efficient.


  1. Gain an understanding of the workflow for ingest and proxy, and generate glitch effects
  2. Include light leak effects overlays in your design.
  3. Acquire an understanding of the full range of Lumetri Color Premiere Pro features.
  4. Brief training lasting about two hours.

Rating : 4.8 of 5

6. Premiere Pro Tutorial & Classes Online (Skillshare)

This platform offers you a series of condensed lectures, and it does so in a way that is distinct from the majority of the online classes now available.

Because each lesson is concentrated on teaching one specific ability, it is much simpler for students to select the appropriate instruction to meet their individual requirements.

The lectures focus heavily on practical application and offer sufficient assistance to ensure that students can successfully follow along with the material. Video editing, making short films, color correction, and grading are just a few of the topics that are quite popular.


  1. It is made abundantly clear how to proceed with the concepts from the very beginning, as well as how to work with the available tools and the characteristics that underlie them.
  2. The first few lectures provide as an overview of the breadth of the material that will be addressed over the rest of the classes.
  3. You can improve your grasp of the topics covered in the lectures by working through the assigned problems and practicing with the provided examples.
  4. The films are organized in a clear and straightforward manner and will assist you in determining whether or not this is a sector in which you would be interested in pursuing a long-term career.

Duration: At own pace

Rating : 4.6 of 5

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7. Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro – Free Course (Skillshare)

Your instructor, Jordy Vandeput, embodies the spirit of a true cheerleader and is deeply committed to fostering personal growth in his students.

In addition to producing after movies, commercials, and corporate videos, he has more than a decade of experience in the video production industry.

In the past, in addition to hosting content on Skillshare and Youtube, he has also worked with “Envato Tuts+,” where he has created a number of different online courses.

Find out what it is that he plans to teach you through this program, shall we?


  1. Gain an understanding of how to execute fundamental edits, as well as how to arrange clips and work in many layers.
  2. A familiarity with more complex editing techniques, such as masking and blending, is required.
  3. Develop your own unique images and messages.
  4. Determine how to combine the many types of audio, such as voice, music, and sound effects.

Rating : 4.5 of 5

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8. Premiere Pro CC Classes – Free (LinkedIn Learning)

You may watch this video tutorial that lasts for more than six hours on LinkedIn Learning, which provides free access to its content for the first month.

Ashley Kennedy, who will be leading the training for this program, is a senior staff author at LinkedIn. She is responsible for developing video post-production courses.

She has formerly taught at Avid and Columbia College Chicago, and she now teaches video editing and narrative at her current institution.

You will be able to move on to the next course in the series once you have finished the one you are now taking, which is the first of two parts in the series.

The finest thing is that despite the fact that it is a monthly price format, you are able to finish both of the courses within the cost basically without spending any money.


  1. Introductory level class that allows enrollment even if you have no previous training or experience
  2. The program takes a hands-on, project-oriented approach, so participants get to practice what they learn.
  3. It covers things like ingesting the data, organizing it, revising it, and enhancing it.
  4. In addition to this, you will acquire knowledge regarding fundamental effects, color correction, titling, and output.

Rating: 4.6 of 5

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In conclusion, Adobe Premiere Pro classes serve as a dynamic pathway for individuals to master the art of video editing and storytelling.

In an era where visual content plays a pivotal role in communication and engagement, the skills gained from these classes become increasingly relevant and valuable.

Whether aspiring filmmakers, content creators, or professionals seeking to enhance their multimedia abilities, participants emerge with the expertise to harness the power of Adobe Premiere Pro’s features and techniques.

By seamlessly blending creative vision with technical proficiency, these classes enable individuals to produce visually compelling narratives that leave a lasting impact on audiences.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, Adobe Premiere Pro classes stand as an essential investment in equipping individuals with the tools to excel in the world of visual communication and media production.


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