How to apply for a job as a Sanitation Worker at Groupe Leclerc in Canada


Leclerc is a family-owned firm that has been in operation for 115 years and has a wealth of experience, tradition, and expertise that has been passed down from individuals with heart.

We are able to meet and surpass the requirements of customers with both modest and substantial appetites because of the 1,200 people who work for us across eight plants located in both Canada and the United States.


  • Participating in a family enterprise on a more personal level
  • Evolving in an environment that is clean, temperate, and technologically sophisticated Beginning a new work with paid training that is tailored to your needs and interests
  • Take advantage of a comprehensive benefits package (drug and dental insurance, 1 week of sick leave [conditions apply], telemedicine, group RRSP with employer participation and more)

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  • Take advantage of the inexpensive yet delicious meals (unlimited coffee, tea, cookies and candy bars)
  • Take advantage of our sports facilities at no cost to you (basketball court, training room and cardio room)
  • Get discounts on some of our most delectable items and find out about brand new innovations.
  • Make the most of the stability of your employment and the prospects for promotion available inside the organization.
  • Integrate a rich company culture (Christmas, birthday and maternity gifts, use of the Poka platform and more)


  • Cleaning the equipment in accordance with the quantity of work that was completed the previous day.
  • Keeping to the timelines of the jobs that need to be completed.
  • delivering high-quality work by adhering to the criteria and suggestions that were provided to him.
  • Attend to the demands of production as well as those of other departments.
  • In the event that he notices a mechanical breakdown or any other kind of difficulty while he is working on his job, he is to notify his supervisor as soon as possible.
  • Take care to ensure that the location is both clean and secure.
  • Inform his or her management if there is something that needs to be done but is not included in the timetable.
  • Carry out, in accordance with the timetable, the various stages of cleaning the equipment.
  • Carry out, in accordance with the schedule, the assembly and disassembly of the equipment that is to be cleaned.
  • Please observe the required levels of cleanliness, sanitation, and safety.


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  • Has previous experience working in the food business in the field of food safety.
  • in addition to your manual skill, you are known for your physical stamina.
  • possesses the ability to carry out mathematical computations in one’s head.
  • demonstrates independence, responsibility, effectiveness, and creativity.


  • The night shift, Monday through Friday (for a total of 40 hours per week),

Working at Leclerc is :

  • Gain access to a market-rate wage.
  • Have as many cookies as you like.
  • Take advantage of a benefits package that covers everything.
  • Save on our products
  • Embrace the high-speed technological revolution.

How to Apply

We are devoted to integrating all employees and providing equitable opportunities, as well as being committed to finding and employing the best people for all roles.

We will, upon request, provide candidates who have accessibility needs due to disability with necessary adjustments during the recruiting and employment process in order to guarantee that the criteria stated in the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) are maintained.

Apply Now

Please contact the competent HR representative at 613-632-0777 extension 4236 if you require an accommodation in order to participate in the application or interview process.

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